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Why Visit Mauritius? 🇲🇺

Mauritius is the ultimate island getaway for the holidays of a lifetime. Nature, Often referred to as Paradise Island,  Tropical climate, wild waterfalls, lush forestation, mountain ranges, water sports, the island is a holiday destination with endless possibilities.  Between traditional dishes, gourmet cuisine or street-food, it is a real pleasure for the senses

Bordering this tableland are several mountain ranges consisting of diverse shaped masses of basalt testifying the volcanic origins of the island.

Ideally found in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the three Mascarenes islands. The island is a real heaven, there are mesmerizing beaches, lush rain forest, abundant foods and activities, enough for a perfect holidays!

Most people in Mauritius are bilingual being equally fluent in English and French. Creole and French is predominant in everyday life and several oriental languages are spoken too.

• An all-year-round holiday destination with no specific rainy season.


• Beautiful beaches set against a breathtaking landscape.

• Fascinating cultural diversity.

• Friendliness and hospitality of its people.

• Multilingual tour guides.

• Excellent resort hotels in different categories.

Coin de Mire Mauritius
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